Carson Shold

jQuery Facebook Photo Selector

This is an interface component that allows you to select a photo from your albums as if you were inside of Facebook. It mimics the Change your profile picture dialogue, but allows you to customize it as you like.

While this is a good start, improvement and customizations can be made. Feel free to take this to the next level for your projects.

How to implement

jQuery Facebook Photo Selector on GitHub




This is based on the Friend Selector plugin created by These Days. Their plugin can be found on GitHub.

The friend selector is a more complete plugin right now. While this photo selection plugin is based on theirs, it has yet to tap into the following areas:


Choose from Photos

Browse your albums until you find a picture you want to use

Select an album

Select a new photo

0 / 0 photos selected
Back to albums

Please respect your users and adhere to the Facebook Platform Policies when using this plugin.