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Write keepers names as they appear in Yahoo, separated by commas or new lines.

What is this?

I built this for my fantasy league to get a better ranking than what Yahoo! offers.

Yahoo! ranks players based on all available categories. A player like Wayne Simmonds has a ton of PIM and gets a favorable Yahoo! ranking, even if your league doesn't use that category.


MVP measures just the stats in your league and provides a rating, not a ranking. Just like in EA Sports NHL, the higher the better.

There is no ceiling to the MVP as it's dependent on the categories you select.

Eventually I'll add the ability for you to weight each category so the ranking becomes unique to your player preference. For now, it's my own formula.

Prorated stats

If a player did not play 82 games their stats and GP are recorded in grey with black numbers representing their 82 game prorated stats. This keeps the ratings even, though you should keep in mind that some players are injury prone. You can disable this feature.

Other features

Compare players Click the check mark to compare multiple players from the main stats board.

Keepers If you're in a keeper league you can mark them in the Settings panel.

Keep track during your draft Click the drafted checkbox in the Settings panel to mark a player as drafted. These will be remembered until you uncheck the box or click Reset drafted players.

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